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The illustration above demonstrates a typical pneumatic assembly. This illustration is for general reference only and may not be applicable to your application.

  1. Hose (airline) from compressor to FRL
  2. Air Quality (FRL - Filter Regulator Lubricator)
    1. The filter will help to provide clean air through the supply line to the motor
    2. The regulator will maintain desired supply line pressure to the motor
    3. The lubricator will provide air line lubrication to air motors not designed to operate lube free
  3. Air Line Components
    1. Flow control, ect.
  4. Controls - How do you intend to operate your motor?
    1. Lever Control
    2. Pendant Control
    3. Remote Control (Equal Power or Bias Power)
  5. Silencer (Muffler)
    1. Standard Vane Motor - Primary
    2. RM Series Piston Motor - Primary and Secondary
  6. Air Motor
    1. Standard Vane Motor
    2. RM Series Piston Motor
  7. Brake (optional)
  8. Gearbox (optional)