Pneumotor - Globe Air Motors

The Development of Pneumotor and GLOBE Air Motors

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  • 1986 - GLOBE Air Motors

    The GLOBE Group was established in 1986. Its team develops, manufactures, and sells pneumatic equipment. Their product specialties include air motors, gas boosters, and high-pressure test equipment. We consider Globe to be an industry leader in the development and supply of high-quality air motors.

  • 1987 - Sempress Pneumatics

    The Canadian Division of Pneumotor, our roots were established in 1987. Sempress manufactures and distributes pneumatic products across Canada.

  • 2003 - GLOBE Vane Motors

    Sempress Pneumatics proudly offers GLOBE Vane Motors to the Canadian marketplace as an Authorized distributor of GLOBE Airmotors BV. Pneumotor (since 2019) distributes GLOBE Vane Air Motors in the United States and Mexico. Standard Vane Motors

  • 2019 - Pneumotor Inc.

    We proudly opened our Port Huron, MI office. Our team offers sales and support for all GLOBE Airmotors BV products. We also supply application related pneumatic products including air prep., brakes, control valves, and silencers. Products

  • 2021 - Piston Motors

    Pneumotor adds GLOBE Piston Air Motors to our product offering in North America. These rugged and powerful motors are designed for heavy industry. They range in power from 2.4 HP to 32 HP. More information can be found on our products page. Piston Motors

  • 2023 - Non-Lube Vane Motors

    Pneumotor adds an updated GLOBE Non-Lube Vane Motor to its product offering. Click for more details

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