GLOBE Standard Vane Air Motors

Standard vane air motors (also called rotary vane motors) are the most common pneumatic motor in the world. They are available in a broad range of power and can operate in any position. GLOBE vane air motors are used in numerous applications, most suitable for light to medium duty operation. Typical applications are conveyor belts, mixing equipment, hoists and winches. GLOBE vane air motors are also often used in explosive environments when combined with ATEX certification. Standard vane motors are often lighter and smaller than electric motors.

Standard Vane Globe Air Motor

    Standard Vane Air Motors

    Muffler - Silencer

    Mufflers - Vane Air Motors

    • Quality, high flow mufflers approved for GLOBE Air Motors
    • Reduced noise impact on surrounding workers
    • Helps to remove unwanted airborne contaminants
    • Essential to maintaining motor efficiency
    • Sold as individual units

    New GLOBE Standard Vane Air Motors include one muffler (silencer).

      Repair Kit - Air Motors

      Repair kits are available for all GLOBE Vane Air Motors. Kits include gaskets, vanes, o-ring, and oil seal. Please see the parallel table for part number reference.

      In addition to selling standard repair kits we offer bearings, rotors and more... Please reference the part number that you require. A parts list is available within the literature specific to each GLOBE Vane Air Motor.

      Pneumotor Inc. in an Authorized GLOBE Air Motor repair center. if you would like us to assess the current state of your motor and receive a quote for its repair please contact us.

        Brake - Air Motors

        Brakes - GLOBE Vane Air Motors

        • Field serviceable, durable, compact design
        • Easy flange connection according to IEC standards
        • Low maintenance because very few parts are exposed to wear
        • Globe BN Brake when used with a Globe Vane Motor certified according ATEX:
          • II 2G Ex h IIC T4 Gb
          • II 2D Ex h IIIC T135ºC Db
          • -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C
        • NEMA Brakes are available. Please contact us for availability and to confirm ATEX certification.

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