GLOBE Piston Air Motors

GLOBE Piston Air Motors are a series of compact heavy duty motors offering an exceptional range of control and output options. These pneumatic motors are designed to develop greater power than other motors of equivalent size. The GLOBE Piston Air Motors are instantly reversible, resistant to dirty/damp conditions, and have a relatively inexpensive variable speed control. They are available with ATEX certification for safe use in explosive environments. These air motors are being used in the most heavy and extreme conditions that require lots of power. Typical applications include work rolls, winches, and pump drives. Piston air motors are common in steel making, pulp & paper, mining, and offshore industries.

All of our GLOBE Piston Air Motors are available with gear reducers to provide lower speeds and higher torque.

Piston Motor - Air Motor
  • High positive starting torque
  • Simple adjustable torque and output speed
  • Can be stalled under load without damage
  • Instantly reversible
  • Reliable drive due the rugged design
  • Flange mount design
  • Available with BSP or NPT Ports
  • 2K / 4K / Color / Offshore coatings available on request
  • Mufflers | Foot Brackets | Repair Kits | Brakes | See details below
  • Valves | Pendants | Remote Control | Hand Control | Flow Control | FRL Units

For Piston motors with reducer and/or brake combinations, please contact us. We do not publish all Piston Air Motor combinations.

Pneumotor Inc. is an authorized repair center for all GLOBE Airmotors.

    Globe Piston Air Motors

    Muffler - Silencer

    Mufflers | Silencers - Piston Air Motors

    • Quality, high flow mufflers approved for GLOBE Air Motors
    • Reduced noise impact on surrounding workers
    • Helps to remove unwanted airborne contaminants
    • Essential to maintaining motor efficiency
    • Each kit contains two mufflers:
      • Primary Exhaust
      • Secondary Exhaust

    Please note, new GLOBE Piston Air Motors do not include mufflers and this accessory should be strongly considered for purchase prior to using your new motor.

    Require additional sound reduction? See Globes HNR Silencers.

    Foot Bracket - Globe Air Motor

    All GLOBE Piston Motors are hub mounting. Custom flange mounts are available, please inquire. If a foot mount base is required, please reference the part numbers in the parallel table.


    Repair Kit - Air Motors

    Repair kits are available for all GLOBE Piston Air Motors. Kits include a compression ring, oil control ring, o-rings, and flange plate seal. Please see the parallel table for part number reference.

    In addition to selling standard repair kits we offer bearings, gaskets, king rods, queen rods, pistons, and more... Please reference the part number that you require. A parts list is available within the literature specific to each GLOBE Piston Air Motor.

    Pneumotor Inc. in an Authorized GLOBE Air Motor repair center. if you would like us to assess the current state of your motor and receive a quote for its repair please contact us.

    Brake - Air Motors

    Brakes - GLOBE Piston Air Motors

    • Field serviceable and durable design
    • Easy flange connection with Globe Piston Motors
    • Low maintenance because very few parts are exposed to wear
    • ATEX certification available on request

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