High Pressure Test Systems


  •  Simply and easy to operate just by using a valve and pressure regulator.
  •  No loss of energy when system reaches its pressure
  •  Intrinsically safe for explosion proof environments
  •  Proportional control in flow and pressure, over the complete characteristic of the pump.
  •  Robust and compact
  •  Portable
  •  Reliable


The standard GLOBE APU systems are specially designed for high pressure liquid testing. For example for the hydrostatic testing of: pressure vessels, hoses, valves etc.

The APU systems consist of a high pressure pump, in combination with all required couplings and connections, built in a compact stainless steel frame. This makes the system easy to operate, portable and can be used immediately.

ModelLiquid Flow
Max. Working Pressure
SC10-4 LP3.17 to 0.20508 to 9135Download
SC10-4 HP0.20 to 0.0910150 to 22335Download
SC10-5 LP7.93 to 0.50508 to 9135Download
SC10-5 HP0.50 to 0.0910657 to 55000Download
SC10-6 LP17.17 to 1.00508 to 9135Download
SC10-6 HP1.00 to 0.139643 to 64960Download