Compact Piston


  • High torque at low speed of rotation
  • Very low air consumption
  • Low noise emission
  • Can be stalled under load without harm
  • Maintenance-free
  • Higher torques and lower speeds of rotation possible in combination with a gearbox
  • Instantly reversible
  • Available in aluminum and plastic/stainless steel
  • Oil-less function for some types
  • Certified according ATEX II cat.2 G&D T5
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The GLOBE compact piston air motors have specific features not found in other air motors. Unique is the low speed of rotation in combination with a high torque, without the use of a gearbox. These motors are used in situations in which normally air motors aren’t used. Typical applications are winding machines, dosing machines, conveyor belts, mixers, manipulators and machines for the food industry.

TypeSpeed RPMHorsepower H.P.Start Torque in/LBS Specs